Thrill of The Grill episode In episode 10 (first season) of Delicious TV, Toni teams up with chef Cathi DiCocco to grill a celebration of summer vegetable abundance including: Asparagus Grilled with Lime, Garlic Roasted on the Grill, Tofu Kebobs with Tamari-Ginger Marinade, Mixed Vegetable Grill with Basic Balsamic Vinaigrette, Grilled Focaccia, Pineapple Spears, and Banana Boats. "I can't believe how many ways you can use these kebobs! Eat them right from the grill, serve over rice or nestled in pita bread, refrigerate and nibble on them for breakfast. I'm hooked!" Use any combination of your favorite vegetables for these kebobs. I particularly like sweet peppers. Don't worry if your chard is raggedy after you blanch it, if you fold the "envelopes" tightly and press them between your palms to seal them, they hold up very well! Tune in and prepare to get hungry. Check for recipes.
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Delicious TV preview (2 min.) What's Delicious TV all about? Check it out here.
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Maryland A delicious vegetarian alternative to traditional Maryland Crabcakes without any compromise on flavor! Serve hot or warm with Wasabi Mayo, Spicy Fries and Tangy Coleslaw.This can be either a vegan or vegetarian dish. Look for Spicy Fries and Tangy Coleslaw coming in Season lll of Delicious TV Totally Vegetarian. Check out more recipes at
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Roasted Chickpeas recipe Roasted and crunchy, chickpeas make a wonderful nutty treat. I love nuts, all kinds. I add nuts to many dishes and eat them often. On the other hand, I adore chickpeas with their sweet creamy center and their slighty crisp outer shell. This recipe is the perfect blend of textures and flavors. Have these on hand during cocktail hour, picnics or dropped into a salad. The roasted garlic and toasty sage are equally delicious! So for a change, when you think nuts, think Chickpeas!
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