Ukrainian Borscht Served hot in the winter or cold in the summer this soup is delicious.
Direct download: Ukrainian_Borscht.mp4
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Layered Polenta Casserole A celebration of flavors and textures, this casserole is also super fast and easy to prepare.
Direct download: Layered_Polenta_Cass.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 3:10pm EST

Mushroom Pate Indulge yourself with this delicious and best of all guilt free pate. Perfect for the holidays.
Direct download: Mushroom_Pate.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 5:14pm EST

Brussels Sprouts with Onion and Veg Bacon You haven't tasted Brussels sprouts until you've tasted them this way.
Direct download: Brussels_Sprouts_w_veg_bacon.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 10:18am EST

Green Lentil Salad Green-aka-Puy Lentils make this a delicious protein packed salad. Great with a green salad and a slice of bread. Toni also likes to serve it in a lettuce cup.
Direct download: Green_Lentil_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:02pm EST

From season two-Cathi DiCocco joins Toni in the kitchen and turns a bounty of Apple and Cranberries into a great side that's fantastic with last weeks episode- CreamyTofu Pot Pies.
Direct download: DiCoccos_Fruit_Chutney.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 11:03am EST

Creamy Tofu Pot Pies Perfect for the coming holidays and deliciously simple.
Direct download: Creamy_Tofu_Pot_Pies.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:39pm EST

Italian Style Garlic Bread and Croutons A healthier version of garlic bread using olive oil and garlic. The basis for all of Toni's great Brucshetta toppings. She also whips up some delicious homemade croutons
Direct download: DTV_Garlic_Bread__Croutons.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:15am EST

Collard Greens Pasta Toss Pasta tossed with Collards and other goodies.
Direct download: Collard_Green_Pasta_Toss.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 12:47pm EST

Sesame Soy Spinach A delicious spinach dish. Serve it hot or cold.
Direct download: Sesame_Soy_Spinach.mp4
Category:TV -- posted at: 1:19pm EST

Roasted Butternut Squash with Sun-dried Tomatoes Toni put an italian twist on roasting butternut squash.
Direct download: Roasted_Butternut_Squash_and_Sundried_Tomatoes.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:00pm EST

Quick Chard Stew Toni cooks up a fast and delicious Stew
Direct download: Quick_Chard_Stew.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 11:40am EST

Fruit 'n Nut Carrot salad The carrot takes center stage in this sweet and crunchy salad.
Direct download: Fruit_n_Nut_carrot_salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:58pm EST

Web Series catering Toni caters vegan lunch for the cast and crew of the web series, "Willard Beach, The Real Story."
Direct download: Web_Series_Catering.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:21pm EST

Key Lime Cheezcake A luscious and vegan key lime cheezcake. Recipe created by Veg News.
Direct download: Key_Lime_Chees_Cake.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:17pm EST

Maine Summer Caponata A bounty of Maine farmers market veggies mixed with perfect Maine weather inspires a delicious Maine Summer Caponata.
Direct download: Maine_Summer_Caponata.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 12:01pm EST

Tomato Talk Toni's at the Farmers Market today with Chris Cavanaugh from Fishbowl farm, and the talk is all tomato.
Direct download: Tomato_Talk.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 3:37pm EST

Mixed Polenta Grill A mouth watering medley of grilled summer veggies piled on a thick slice of grilled polenta.
Direct download: Mixed_Polenta_Grill.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 5:05pm EST

Quick Polenta Basics Quick cooking polenta is so simple to make, and can be the basis for many recipes, top it with tomato sauce with basil, or many other sauces and toppings. You can even make a lasagna with it. Stayed tuned for up coming podcasts and well show you how.
Direct download: Quick_Polenta_basics.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:37pm EST

Flavor and Nutrition powerhouse. Kale with orange, fried garlic, cherry tomatoes, and red onions. If you love this salad as much as we do please post a review on iTunes or wherever you swatch it. Bon Appetite from the Delicious TV
Direct download: Kale__Citrus_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:02pm EST

Calabash Kitchen The Delicious TV team visits Calabash Kitchen in Atlanta, Georgia and discovers great vegan Jamaican food.
Direct download: Calabash_Kitchen.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:25am EST

Summer Fruit Salad Savory-Sweet summer fruit salad.
Direct download: Tropical_Fruit_Salad.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 11:50am EST

Grilled Potato Medley Delicious Grilled Potatoes with onions, Carrots, and Herbs, with an easy tip from Toni.
Direct download: Grilled_Potato_Medley.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 12:21pm EST

Grilled Seitan 3 ways Enjoying BBQ Seitan and Tempeh with jerk Sauce, BBQ Sauce,and Carribean Rub on a sunny July day in Maine.
Direct download: Grilled_Seitan.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 4:24pm EST

Summerfest 2009 2009 Vegetarian Summerfest Sneak Peek Annual conference of the North american Vegetarian Society
Direct download: Summerfest2009.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 1:56pm EST

Herbed Potato and Green Bean Salad Light and delicious Potato Salad with a green twist. Zero cholesterol
Direct download: Herbed_Potato_and_Green_Been_Salad.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:14pm EST

Rasta Pup's on July 4th Grill a carrot and bun, add a zesty slaw. WOW! A Deliciously brilliant spin on a hot dog by guest chef Cathi DiCocco. We can't wait till it stops raining in Maine to make these delicious Pups again. From our fourth season of Delicious TV's Totally Vegetarian. Catch the whole episode on your public television station. Or order the fourth season on DVD.
Direct download: Rasta_Pup.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:47am EST

Cuban Bean salad

Cuban inspired, a fantastic summer salad. Ingredients: Kidney Beans, Tomatoes, Onion, lime, Olive Oil,Garlic, and Celantro

Direct download: Cuban_Bean_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 12:58pm EST

Vegetarian Meat Sauce A classic spagetti sauce with a twist. Using veggie crumbles it's always a crowd pleaser.
Direct download: Vegetarian_Meat_Sauce.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 6:53pm EST

Strawberry Spinach Salad Everyone's favorite, savory and sweet.
Direct download: Strawberry_Spinach_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:22pm EST

Curried Mock Chick'n Salad This easy mock chick'n salad is low-fat and flavorful. It makes a fantastic sandwich or is equally delicious stuffed into lettuce or radicchio leaves.
Direct download: Curried_mock-chicken_salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:24am EST

Tex Mex Salad This Tex-Mex influenced rice salad is great on its own or combined with beans for a fabulous supper.
Direct download: Tex-Mex_Rice_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:37am EST

Collard Greens with Apples and Onions Delectable hearty greens.
Direct download: Collard_Greens_with_Apple_and_Onions.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:52pm EST

Yam Sandwich Yummy yam, delicious & nutritious.
Direct download: DTV_Yam_Sandwich_.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:13am EST

Mock Tuna This is a delicious alternative to a tuna fish sandwich.
Direct download: DTV_Mock_Tuna_Salad.mp4
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:00am EST

Creamy Chard Wontons A green spin on veggie wontons. Fun, fast and delicious to eat.
Direct download: Creamy_Swiss_Chard_Wontons.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 8:44pm EST

Orzo, Basil, and Sun-dried Tomato Salad A delicious pasta salad for the warm days ahead
Direct download: Orzo_Basil_Sun-dried_Tomato_Salad.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 3:44pm EST

White Bean & Basil Bruschetta This is another fantastic appetizer or light meal with a protein punch and zero cholesterol.
Direct download: White_Bean_Basil_Bruschetta.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 4:47pm EST

Berliner Brats n' Kraut Try this simple veg version of bratwurst with sauerkraut served as a sandwich on whole grain bread with mustard. Several companies make this type of veggie link - some are vegan, others contain egg whites - so be certain to check the ingredients on the package if you're vegan. For carnivores trying to clean up their "eating act," this is a great alternative to a fatty anything-goes meat sausage.
Direct download: Berliner_Brats_n_Kraut.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 6:13pm EST

Marvelous Meaty Wontons This a great finger food at any party. And so simple to prep.
Direct download: Marvelous_Meaty_Wontons.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 5:21pm EST

Herbed Tofu Flatbread Pizza A delicious quick recipe using last weeks herbed Tofu Cheese.
Direct download: Herbed_Tofu_Fatbread_Pizza.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 10:30am EST

Herbed Tofu Cheese This is a great ricotta cheese alternative for lasagna ziti, pizza, on a sandwich, or salad. A so easy to make.
Direct download: Herbed_Tofu_Cheese.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 7:49pm EST

Crispy Seared Tofu One of our favorite ways of preparing tofu. It's great on a sandwich with lettuce and tomato. Crispy yet tender and delicious.
Direct download: Seared_Tofu.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 2:03pm EST

Picada topping Picada is a delicious flavorful topping. Sprinkle on top of any pasta dish,soup or stew. In this episode we used it on roasted vegetables. It's a delicious and healthier alternative to cheese.
Direct download: DTV_Picata_podcast.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 3:18pm EST

Korova Cookie From the Bloodroot restaurant cookbook these vegan chocolate shortbread cookies are easy to make and simply delicious. Just mix, roll, refrigerate, and bake. If Toni the non-baker can do it so can you.
Direct download: Carova_cookie_640x480.m4v
Category:Vidcast -- posted at: 2:46pm EST





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