New Year Wild White Bean Burger

While Toni is on holiday, our senior kitchen correspondent steps in to make a delicious veggie burger.

Great as a breakfast pattie and at lunch or dinner, too. Serve this with a little Sambal Oelek and some vegan ketchup and be ready to get hooked!

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Spicy Carrot Spread

Spicy and tangy. Use as dip or a spread. And the leftovers are great in soups and stews. Even as a layer in lentil loaf or shepard pie.

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Black-Eyed Spinach Salad

Toni makes a power house salad. Full of goodies- black-eyed peas, kalamata olives, and sun-dried tomatoes.

And loaded with vitmain A, k, iron, fiber ,and protien.

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Tabbouleh twist with chickpeas

Toni loves Tabbouleh, and especially with lemon zest and chickpeas.

If your'e in the market for a zester. We suggest this one available at our Open Sky storefront.

Just copy and paste this link.

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Seared Tofu Breakfast Mmuffin

Take makes a classic breakfast sandwich, but healthier. Zero cholesterol.

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Baba ganoush

Toni makes this delicious dip with roasted eggplant and tahini.

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Raw Tomato Pasta Sauce

End of summer tomatoes make for a delicious, fresh tomato sauce.

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Curried Zucchini Soup

A healthy rich tasting soup using a bounty of summer zucchini

is perfect for these cool late summer evenings.

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Five Star Pizza

You won't find this classic spin at your local pizzeria. Using a pre-made pizza shell 

Toni shares some simple tricks to throw together a delicious classic crispy pizza.

Using crushed San Marzano tomatoes, garlic, marinated artichoke hearts,

red and yellow peppers,and Kalamata olives.

So easy, and delicious you have to try it.

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Grilled Pasta Primavera

Fresh greens mixed with grilled summer vegetables make this especially delicious.

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Panzanella Salad

Toni fixes her favorite italian summer salad using fresh tomatoes, red onion, basil, and day old bread.

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Grilled Sweet Potato Salad

With this beautiful Maine summer weather, Toni can't resist cooking on the grill. 

Today she turns to the sweet potato, a powerhouse of vitamins and fiber. 


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Grilled Tamari Glazed Brussels sprouts

You've never had them so good. Toni turns the boring brussels sprout into a sweetly tart super side that's healthy, and delicious. You'll be popping these in your mouth right off the grill.

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Chimichurri sauce over Seitan

 Toni tries out a friends favorite who had to give up meat after a triple-bypass. Toni's version uses seitan, a meat subsitute made of wheat. For anyone that loves a BBQ nothing says flavor like chimichurri sauce. This ones a keeper.

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Peaches on the grill

Save yourself the  trouble of making pie crust and treat yourself to this easy mouthwatering peach delicacy.

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Portobello-Arugula Salad Burger

 Check out Toni's easy method for marinating Portabello Mushrooms on the grill, and more secrets for a truly delicious garden veggie burger.  Including a simple dijon vinagrette.


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Cauliflower Rice

Who knew  cauliflower could stand in for rice? 
And this cruciferous gem is loaded with vitamin C. 

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Edamame Rice Salad This sweet and zesty summer salad has a lemon dressing and lots of veggies. The sweet edamame is packed with protein and amino acids. 

Delicious, healthy, and low-cal. Eat up!
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Baked Tofu Toni marinates her tofu then bakes in the flavor. Great on sandwiches and in salads. 
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Apple Crumble Apples make great dessert. This really easy recipe shows you how. 
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Greek Garbonzo Bean Salad  Once again an easy protein packed salad using marinated tofu instead of feta cheese.
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Rotini con Fagiolini Toni makes a classic italian pasta dish that's simple and Delicious. 
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Maple Peas with Pecans

Toni puts a sweet, nutty twist in plain old green peas. They're great even leftover - try as a topping on a salad or on pasta.

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Spinach Curry

A creamy savory dish with mild curry highlights. Toni's twist on Saag Paneer is a winner. It's an inexpensive dish you can serve over rice, potaotes, or even pasta. You can also add the option of small slices of extra firm tofu.

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Tempeh Dijon

Toni takes crispy tempeh and simmers it in Dijon sauce. Perfect as an entree, or on a sandwich.

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Spicy Caramelized Onions

A popular condiment piled on a Not Dog. So good, you'll think your'e standing on the streets of NYC. 

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Four Bean Salad

Tasty, crunchy and protein-rich, Toni creates a stellar Four Bean Salad.

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Tofu Scramble

Toni makes a tasty Tofu Scramble breakfast. And with no cholesterol.

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Meaty Red Bean Chili

Toni makes a killer chili with veggie crumbles and red beans.

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Red cabbage Slaw

A sweet and crunchy cabbage slaw

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Lentil and Collard Greens Stew

Hearty Healthy and low fat. With creamy lentils, earthy collards, and sweet carrots.

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Zucchini Tomato Salad

A crisp lemony-licious salad. Who needs lettuce?

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Tofu Cakes

Super Savory. Crunchy on the outside, tender in the middle. A great main dish patty or make them smaller for appetizers. You can even make them gluten free.

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Mediterranean Salad

A hearty main dish salad with lots of crispy veggies, juicy tomatoes, and smoked tofu. Light but filling. Perfect for working off those excess winter pounds.

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Broccoli with Orchetti

Delicate and saucy. Get your Broccoli on.



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Festive Quinoa

An ancient grain  quinoa makes a healthy side and by adding things like apricot, currants, and almonds it's a guaranteed crowd pleaser. Kids even love it. Best of all, it's super easy.

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Crispy Seared Tomatoes

Toni trumps stuffed Tomatoes and they're crispy, sweet, and meaty.

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Basic BBQ Sauce

Ton whips up a quick sauce for some skewered Seitan

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Golden Rice and Beans A delicious side dish that easily transforms to a main dish.
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Roasted Red Pepper Tofu Dip A great party dip that doubles as a spread or spooned on top of a baked potato. Plus, Toni has some tips for roasting your own red peppers.
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Celeriac Remoulade

A low-fat redo of remoulade sauce on top of crunchy Celeriac sticks with it's subtle celery flavor.

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