Grilled Sweet Potato Salad

With this beautiful Maine summer weather, Toni can't resist cooking on the grill. 

Today she turns to the sweet potato, a powerhouse of vitamins and fiber. 


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Grilled Tamari Glazed Brussels sprouts

You've never had them so good. Toni turns the boring brussels sprout into a sweetly tart super side that's healthy, and delicious. You'll be popping these in your mouth right off the grill.

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Chimichurri sauce over Seitan

 Toni tries out a friends favorite who had to give up meat after a triple-bypass. Toni's version uses seitan, a meat subsitute made of wheat. For anyone that loves a BBQ nothing says flavor like chimichurri sauce. This ones a keeper.

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Peaches on the grill

Save yourself the  trouble of making pie crust and treat yourself to this easy mouthwatering peach delicacy.

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Portobello-Arugula Salad Burger

 Check out Toni's easy method for marinating Portabello Mushrooms on the grill, and more secrets for a truly delicious garden veggie burger.  Including a simple dijon vinagrette.


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