Take a Peek inside the Vegan Eats World Cookbook

Terry talks about her inspirations for her latest cookbook and shares some beautiful food photos from Vegan Eats World

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While we were shooting season four this summer, we dropped by Candle 79 – NYC's sensational vegan restaurant. This appetizer could not be any easier or any more delicious. Try it.
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If you think bagels only come with lox, then check out this delicious, light, and healthy version utilizing vegan cream cheese and lots of fresh vegetables.
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Great quick light and healthy breakfast.
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Delicious Breakfast Mix Make your own Muesli using Toni's simple method.
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Fettucine Walnut Alfredo

it's just so delicious, and with less fat and no cheese. Drop us a line, we'd like to know what you think. info at delicioustv .com

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Spicy-sweet and creamy this vegan dressing from quest chef Cathi DiCocco is great on her Mexican Sweet Potato Bean Salad and any many other hearty salads and slaws.
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Mexican Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad Cathi Dicocco joins Toni in the kitchen to make this south western inspired potato salad. A favorite at Cafe DiCocoa, in Bethel Maine. Pack it for a picnic celebration this weekend.
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Portobello Steaks Salad Toni makes salad utilizing strips of marinated portobello mushrooms, a crunchy, spicy mix of greens and finishes it off with a mustard vinaigrette dressing. This is a wonderful lunch or light supper.
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Pita Crisps Another great Staple! There are more than sixty types of flat breads worldwide, pita bread is one of the oldest. Check out this delicious fast cheap and easy chip.
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Like most of Toni's favorites, is so easy to prepare. The combination of the subtle nuttiness of the bean coupled with the crisp aroma of the fresh rosemary and garlic is incredibly satisfying in any season.
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Tofu Bites from episode One A great finger food that children love. I always have a package or two of firm tofu in my freezer, so a perfect replacement for beef or chicken in any recipe is just a quick thaw away! Freezing tofu is an easy way to give the tofu the texture and flavor people crave. Easy, delicious and a terrific way to get soy into your diet. This is sure to become a family favorite.
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Quick Cream of Green Pea Soup with Mint Toni loves this soup especially because it's fast and easy taking only 20 minutes.
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Minty Tomato-Fennel Salad Toni makes a mouthwatering salad using a relatively unknown vegetable. From the 'Fantastic Fennel' episode.
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Salad Pizza Toni likes her pizza crispy. Check out her special technique in this preview of our third season. Todays recipe is Arugula Salad Pizza.
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Eggplant Caviar Toni makes a Fantastic Caviar.
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 Tapping a  Maine Tradition with Rye Bread French Toast Toni visits Snell Family Farm during tapping season. Here at Delicious TV headquarters we love the hearty taste and texture of rye and think it works wonderfully in this simple recipe, especially paired with sweet pure maple syrup. find the recipe at http://www.delicioustv.com/blog/?p=74
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 Caesar Salad This is one of Toni's favorite makeovers.
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Jamaican Jerk Tempeh-Tofu Store bought roasted or baked tempeh and tofu can be quite expensive. This recipe is so easy to make and the flavor is fresh, spicy and delicious. You can control the heat by cutting back on the spices if you desire.
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Easy Chickpea Soup Chickpeas are one of my all time favorite foods and they’re jam packed with nutrition. Boasting high levels of protein, calcium, minerals and lots of fiber, chickpeas or garbonzo beans, should find their way into your weekly menu.
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Hearty Homefries These super easy Tex-Mex inspired homefries are low in fat and big on flavor. They're great for breakfast sweetened with a drizzle of maple syrup, make a great light lunch, or delicious served as a side for dinner.
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Pasta w/veggie Bacon I grew up with a dish that was simply pasta, lightly fried onion and bacon (back in the day!) salt and pepper. This was a great dish to make in a pinch or to use up leftover pasta. Since my conversion to vegetarianism I still make this for a quick supper, but I use veggie bacon and round out the pasta with additional veggies.
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