I grew up with a dish that was simply pasta, lightly fried onion and bacon (back in the day!) salt and pepper. This was a great dish to make in a pinch or to use up leftover pasta. Since my conversion to vegetarianism I still make this for a quick supper, but I use veggie bacon and round out the pasta with additional veggies.
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Hi Toni, Great recipe, as usual! I became a vegetarian almost 4 years ago, and it was tough going at first, but with quite a bit of help from you, I am eating healthier and tastier than ever before! Dee
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Delicious served with Tofu Bites, fried Tempeh or Jasmine Rice. Also wonderful served with a side of cornbread. For the printed recipe visit delicioustv.com
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Crepes are a wonderful, versitile and delicious alternative to pasta, pastry and wraps. Crepes always look as though you went through a great deal of trouble to make them, but in fact, they’re quite easy. This recipe for Chickpea Crepes is not only simple, it’s vegan and more nutritious and lower in fat than traditional egg crepes. With a few small adjustments this easily goes from savory to sweet. Fill em with anything you like, or try them with our Roasted Cauliflower and Butternut Squash. For the printed recipe visit http://www.delicioustv.com/blog/?p=70
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