Take a Peek inside the Vegan Eats World Cookbook

Terry talks about her inspirations for her latest cookbook and shares some beautiful food photos from Vegan Eats World

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Gazpacho Soup Shooters

A Classic Spanish soup with all the flavors of summer. And with a few Delicious twists, this makes a fabulous Bloody Maria!

Get the recipe at http://delicioustv.com/blog/

And visit our kickstarter campaign, Planning Vegan Mashup, Season Two by Delicious TV http://kck.st/1akYSxw via @kickstarter

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White Bean and Escarole Soup

Toni throws a quick hearty soup together using just a few ingredients and lefover salad.

Served over toasted bread it's a delicious one pot meal.

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While we were shooting season four this summer, we dropped by Candle 79 – NYC's sensational vegan restaurant. This appetizer could not be any easier or any more delicious. Try it.
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If you think bagels only come with lox, then check out this delicious, light, and healthy version utilizing vegan cream cheese and lots of fresh vegetables.
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Great quick light and healthy breakfast.
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Delicious Breakfast Mix Make your own Muesli using Toni's simple method.
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Fettucine Walnut Alfredo

it's just so delicious, and with less fat and no cheese. Drop us a line, we'd like to know what you think. info at delicioustv .com

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Spicy-sweet and creamy this vegan dressing from quest chef Cathi DiCocco is great on her Mexican Sweet Potato Bean Salad and any many other hearty salads and slaws.
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Mexican Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad Cathi Dicocco joins Toni in the kitchen to make this south western inspired potato salad. A favorite at Cafe DiCocoa, in Bethel Maine. Pack it for a picnic celebration this weekend.
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