Spicy-sweet and creamy this vegan dressing from quest chef Cathi DiCocco is great on her Mexican Sweet Potato Bean Salad and any many other hearty salads and slaws.
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Mexican Sweet Potato Black Bean Salad Cathi Dicocco joins Toni in the kitchen to make this south western inspired potato salad. A favorite at Cafe DiCocoa, in Bethel Maine. Pack it for a picnic celebration this weekend.
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Basmati Rice Pudding A great dairy free dessert or breakfast with fresh fruit.
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Portobello Steaks Salad Toni makes salad utilizing strips of marinated portobello mushrooms, a crunchy, spicy mix of greens and finishes it off with a mustard vinaigrette dressing. This is a wonderful lunch or light supper.
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Pita Crisps Another great Staple! There are more than sixty types of flat breads worldwide, pita bread is one of the oldest. Check out this delicious fast cheap and easy chip.
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