Lagusta's Luscious Chocolate Shop

This week Delicious TV visits a beautiful little chocolate shop in New Paltz NY.  

These artisan chocolates are made with fresh produce and fruit, organic toasted nuts,

fresh spices and homegrown herbs. And Lagusta is as sweet as her chocolates.

Visit  Lagustasluscious online

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Ginger Snap Smoothie

Elizabeth Fraser is a raw & living foods enthusiast and a painter from Portland, Today she's making a delicious smoothie.

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Black Bean Hummus

A delicious spin on hummus. Using black beans and no oil.

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Zucchini Pasta

Toni makes a gluten free pasta using Zucchini.  And tops it with a fresh basil, tomato, & garlic loose pesto sauce.

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Easy Rustic Bread with Peter B

Sculptor, Peter Bellonci from Austin Texas shows how easy it is to make a no knead bread.

In 10 minutes with flour, yeast, salt, & water, the bread is on its way to rising.

Check out Peters Sculpture at

And visit us at

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Crispy Tofu with Cilanro Relish

Toni's got another tasty Tofu recipe for us. Stacked up on a bed spread of Snow Peas. And if you're not a fan of Cilantro. Try another one of Toni's toppings.

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Yoli's Summer Strawberry Salsa

Summer's not over yet.

Check out another one of Yoli's delicious twists on salsa. And pick up a geen living tip to boot.

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Yoli's Stuffed Zucchini Blossoms with Truffle Oil

Yoli cooks up a tasty treat. Making a tofu ricotta with herbs and spice.

Tucked into a zucchini squash blossom and battered dipped for a quick fry.

 Learn more about Yoii's Green Living  and find more recipe ideas at

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Vegan Crostini The Italian Happy Hour

Dan and Annies premeire Italian Happy Hour episode. Annie recreates a 50's family past-time with a modern twist.

This easy scrumptious vegan treat is great for a couple or a crowd. Get more at

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Watermelon Salsa

This week we have a brand New guest chef. Eco-living Chef Yoli Ouiya whips one of her sweet and spicy fruit salsas.

And Savvy from the Savvy Brown Blog has a tip on keeping fruit flies off the kitchen counter.

Find out more treats at

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Lip Smackin Oranged Glazed Tofu

The beauty of tofu is that it’s virtually impossible to ruin. Grilling tofu is

much easier if your slices are not too thin. A ½” or more is the perfect thickness.

If you like this recipe jot it down. Or head over to

because we have it written out for you for under a buck.

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Perfect Grilled Potatoes

Fabulous and fluffy on the inside, and perfectly crisp on the outside.  Another surefire summer grilling favorite!

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Grilled Corn and Black Bean Salsa

A great summer relish on anything from tortilla chips to salads, to stuffing it in a Portobello Mushroom. It's Delicious.

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Tofu Meatball Patties

This is a great party pattie right out of the Totally Vegetarian cookbook.

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Homemade Tofu Mayonnaise

If you like mayo this is an amazing recipe. We made Tomato, Avacado and Lettuce Sandwiches with the Tofu mayo all week long. SInce the protein is in this mayo we slathered it on. :)

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Asparugus with Walnut Sauce

A nice twist on steamed asparagus. Or any other steamed veggie.

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Rhubarb Crisp

A favorite dessert of Toni's because it's so easy. This crisp can be made with any type of fruit.

 Earth Balance vegan butter is available in most supermarkets.

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Rotisserie Style Tempeh

One of the easiest ways to prepare tempeh. And a sure crowd pleaser. Toni used McCormicks Rotisserie spice there are many lower sodium brands and blends available.

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Red Bean Walnut Nibbles

Toni's take a lebanese dish that's full of flavor and protein.

You can use  the leftovers the next day heated up in a tortilla, with salsa.

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Tapas Spinach

Sweet, crunchy and savory.  Use as a tapas side, or on top of one of Toni's pizzas. Either way it's delicious, and great way to get more greens in your diet.


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Herbalicious Sweet Potato Pizza

Toni favorite! Of course it's Pizza.

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Aoli with Tapas Mushrooms

Toni makes delectable tapas mushrooms and a traditional Aoli sauce.

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Tapas-Patatas Bravas

Tonis making Tapas this week and next. Today it's crispy potatoes with a wild firey red sauce.

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Tofu Phish Fillet Sandwiches

Toni shares a recipe from the Totally Vegetarian TV show.

Deliciously crunchy with great texture.

This is a recipe that will appeal to kids and adults alike.

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